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My Yoga Offerings


Private Vinyasa & Yin Yoga

Private yoga classes allow me to cater to your specific needs and goals. They differ from group class in allowing the student to work on a specific body region, pace of practice, and posture progression. Together, we can work through sensitive areas. We can also choose to focus more time and attention on breath work, meditation, flexibility, balance, or strength.


Style: Vinyasa or Yin Yoga

Location: Your home or Park

Duration: 1-1.5 hours

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Children's Yoga

I offer yoga classes to kids from 2-6 years young as part of after school curriculums, private events, and community center activities. The goal of the classes re to help the kids establish better physical and emotional awareness, while releasing built up energy and anxiety. The classes include a combination of sharing, singing, posture practice, and reading. 


Contact me for pricing details and to book a class!

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Prenatal Yoga Practice

Prenatal Yoga

My weekly prenatal yoga classes are geared towards all stages of pregnancy and all level of yoga experience. They are a great opportunity to connect with other mothers and alleviate some of the daily stresses of pregnancy while also helping to prepare your body for birth!


Check out and sign up for my weekly prenatal yoga classes here 


Special Packages

Special events include: birthdays, bachelorette parties, bat mitzvahs, reunions, girlfriend get togethers, romantic dates, mom/daughter dates, etc.

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Yoga In My Eyes

"Yogah Citta Vritti Nirodhah" 

~Complete mastery over the fluctuations of the mind is called yoga~


The physical practice of yoga gifts us in healing so many different ailments that we experience daily due to bad posture, lack of daily movement, stress, etc. 

The spiritual aspect of yoga is the connection between the mind, body, and breath. It reminds us that we already possess everything we need in order to become more fit, healthier, and ultimately happier.


It brings us into the present moment which can assist in alleviating depression, anxiety, and stress. I truly believe that yoga enables us to live up to our highest potential.

Yoga is a 5,000 year old philosophy and way of life. Postures only became part of yoga 200 years ago! My goal is to assist people in discovering the expansive world of yoga beyond the mat. 

Maya's Yoga Journey

My yoga journey began at the age of 9 when I started attending hot yoga classes with my mother. While on a gap year program after High School, I participated in a mind and body course where I was introduced to eastern philosophy, meditation, mindfulness, and nutrition.

In early 2016 I received my 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teaching Certification at the Sivananda Ashram in Madurai, India. I was 19 years old at the time, and my passion for yoga exploded. In 2018 I became a Yin Yoga instructor from Semperviva Vancouver, as well as a Children's Yoga instructor at Yoga Garden SF. At the age of 19, I became well aware that whatever I do with my life, teaching and practicing yoga will always be my path to healing myself and others. 

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Abby S

Maya is my favorite yoga teacher I’ve ever had.  She teaches you how to properly do each pose and knows how to push you just a little bit out of your comfort zone to continue to challenge yourself. Maya, you are an amazing human with a great gift for teaching! I couldn’t speak highly enough to all of my friends and family, and you were brand new! You and your classes helped me through one of the worst times of my life, without your calmness I couldn’t have survived that fall.

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